Common dog behavior problems

Dog behavior problems can be the source of frustration among dog owners. This makes them feel like giving up on their pets sometimes. These dog behavior problems include aggression, biting, chewing on the leash, digging, separation anxiety, disobedience and many more.

Dogs may also start to become playful and ignore their owners completely in certain circumstances. By identifying these dog behavior problems, you will certainly win the battle.

Rule Number One

Tired dogs can be good dogs but may show signs of bad behavior. Ensure that your dog gets the right exercise. Your dog should be disciplined or else its behavior will be affected. Ensure that your dog is having routine checks with a qualified vet.

Tell your veterinarian about its behavioral problems. If the problem stems out from the pain or hormonal levels, then discuss it with him or her. Love your pet and understand that the problem may stem from a physical cause.

For example, urinary tract infection may be the result of housebreaking problems. In such a scenario you need help from a vet. Most times however, the dog behavior problems come from failing to train your dog.

To do proper dog training join a behaviorist or trainer program. Remember that dogs can only be helped in their negative behaviors through proper training.

What are some of these common dog behavior problems?


Dogs are interested in digging up on soil. Its part of them and it seems fun, well at least to them. They should be caught in the act for them to be trained out of it. They will soon stop digging provided that you train them the right way consistently.

Scolding your dog does not work. Just a quick tip, you can give it a sandbox where he can dig. Bury some of your dog’s favorite toys and watch your dog take to digging in his sand box only.


Dogs and puppies love exploring their world using their mouth. They are interested in chewing up food stuffs, clothes, the leash and other things. This could be destructive as take for instance socks may block their intestines. This habit must be dealt with right away. You can give it chew toys for its attention to be diverted on other things but it is imperative to know that you need to train your dog out of it.

dog behavior problems


This is something can easily cause frustration almost with anyone but you need to train your dog to learn to stay, come and so many other things you may want it to do, Dog obedience should always be praised.

Never get pissed at your dog if you call him and he does not come. Exercise authority while training your dog and teaching him obedience tricks. Say “here” or “come”. Although he may not understand these words, this is still the right thing to do and doing it consistently and patiently will definitely bridge results.

Separation Anxiety

This happens when a dog owner to going away from home or anywhere away from the dog. In this case you need to train the dog to know that it is okay to stay alone. Train him to be calm always and not to praise his state of anxiety at anytime. It is trickier to train an older and anxious dog but if you won one, don’t be discouraged, it is very possible through proper training.

Whining to Get Attention

If your dog keeps on whining for attention, completely ignore him and let it be boldly known that you do not like the behavior. For this behavior to be stopped, your arms should be folded. Then, look away. Play and reward your dog when he no longer whines for your attention.

Do some things for him to feel loved and not ignored but don’t show him too much affection. This helps him think that if he does not whine for your attention, he will get all these nice things but when he whines, he gets nothing.

Barking at the Door

Teaching your dog a new habit stops barking. Choose the right spot where you can teach him to lie down. Then, tell him to go to a specific spot. This helps your dog to remain calm. Your door should be opened when the dog is quiet and very calm. This must be done enough times for him to learn how to be quiet and calm.

dog behavior problems

Jumping on people

Excited Dogs naturally greet people by means of jumping up on them. This can surely scare your guests away. Practice never to give your dog attention unless the front paws are on the ground. Greet and pet him. Tell him to sit and wait until you ask it to do what you want. Your greetings should only be when the dog is in a calm and submissive state. This way, your dog learns how to control fun and excitement.


Aggression is a bad dog behavior. This is often manifested when he is nervous or threatened. By socializing with your dog, you teach him to be relaxed. Expose him to various settings for him to feel safe. Spend more time with him and watch out for other signs that are causing your dog to be aggressive.

What causes Dog Behavior Problems?

Most of the common dog behavior problems are often caused by inadequate exercise. Their exercises may not be sufficient for them. They may also not have the right mental stimulation. Other health problems are also among the causes of behavior issues. If they do not feel well, they may exhibit these behaviors.

There are health issues that can affect dog behavior problems such as hip dysplasia, sore teeth, arthritis, thyroid problems, and cancer as well as eyesight loss.

Why They Should be Avoided or Dealt With

Dog behavior problems should be avoided because they are frustrating and can cause problems to the dog owner.

Dog behavior problems that are addressed right away do owners more good. Although addressing them and giving solutions to these dog behavior problems is a challenge for the owners, it is the only way that these frustrations are best avoided!

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