Dog Training Tips

Training your dog is important to make the most of your relationship with him. Here are some dog training tips you will find useful during any stage. They will help you to understand how to improve your training efforts. If you hired a professional trainer, and he already created some habits, our following lines will help you reinforce them.

Giving the Commands

Giving the commands to your pet is an art. You must engage with it as much as you want your dog to be part of the behavior you try to promote. Your pet will create habits out of the things you do with him. One of the basics in dog training tips is to keep the commands short and make them energetically.

Keeping the command short will help him understand you better. It will be easier to remember, and catchy to say. Both, you and your dog will engage with a short phrase easier than if you try to say an extended command. The word is important, but the way you say it is also important. Speaking loud and clear is key.

Then, you must make sure you mean it. When we talk about energetically, you cannot have a soft voice with your dog when giving a command. They are used to follow by nature, and by making it clear that it is a command, they will be attentive and receptive.

Common Commands for Dogs

The following are proven words that work for training dogs. They have all the prerequisites we stated in our previous section. They are short and can be said clear with energy.

  • Come
  • Drop
  • Heel
  • Sit
  • Stay

You can stick to these words or get your own. If you hire a trainer, most likely he will use these commands. When you change a name, be aware of it practically to a subconscious level. All these words are natural to us, so it is easier to make them natural to dogs. But you could teach your dog any word you want as a command!

Habits and Training

There is no worse dog ever, but worse human-teaching-the-wrong-habits ever. And I am sure this anecdote will sound familiar. What about your dog wandering around the dining table asking for some food? As he is there and jumps and even steals food, at some point, you feel merciful and give him something.

It sounds like a scene coming out of a comic book, but it is 100% real. All dog training tips will warn you about doing such things. You will be teaching the wrong lesson to your dog if you do things this way.

Dog Training Tips

Promoting healthy habits is important. Most times, the owners need to train themselves, before start training their pets!

Start Training as Early as Possible

Then again, since training is about habits, you must not waste any second. Use these dog training tips from the first day you take your dog home. Show them you are the pack leader and that you have a clear sight of where you are all going.

Your puppy will see you as a leader from the start. That perception is the most important, and it needs to be set at the beginning of your relationship. Otherwise, you will hardly be able to control your pet.

Then, even if you are not engaged in training, you are teaching something to your dog. Dogs are animals of habits which will learn something, even if that is not your intention. For a start, they will get used to your habits and maybe will imitate certain conducts you have. For example, taking away things will show them to behave possessively.

If you are bringing a dog home, be prepared. Make a self-assessment of your habits and address them before you bring your pet. Then, and from the start, set roles, rules, and boundaries.

Dog Health

As you are training your dog, pay attention to his meals. It is important that your pet is in good health as he learns new things. It will also be translated into savings on vet bills.

As you feed your dog to keep it healthy, make sure you chose the right diet for him. Take into consideration the following factors:

  • Age
  • Herd
  • Size
  • Activity level

All these factors are important when you select the right food for your pet. You may also choose food that enhances his intelligence. It will be helpful as he is going through the learning period.

Fun / Interesting Dog Facts

Why is it important to train your dog? Considering that at least half dog owners would choose their pet to spend the rest of their life on a deserted island, training is essential.


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