How to stop a dog from pulling on a leash

Dogs can be the most lovable and sociable animals but can also be the most aggressive and furious animals. Dogs undergo a series of changes and behavioral modifications.

Dogs who have been adopted recently or are not treated well exhibit changes in behavior. Aggression and irritation are the primary symptoms of the behavioral changes.

When you take your dog for a walk, leashing issues can be the main problem. The dog might start to pull the leash and this is dangerous since it can run away and attack the strangers.

Why it is essential to learn how to stop a dog from pulling on a leash?

Whenever you go for a stroll or walk in the afternoon or evening, you want your dog to be with you. It goes wherever you want it to go, stops when you want it to stop. But if it starts pulling on the leash, it becomes troublesome, frustrating and embarrassing.

When that happens, your dog’s training is questionable. It could attack anyone if it sets itself free. You have to make sure that the dog has a proper and comfortable collar around its neck. If the collar is too tight, it will surely irritate the dog and will push it to set itself free.

So if you would like to protect the people around you who could potentially be attacked by your dog or even avoid being frustrated by this habit, you need to learn how to stop a dog from pulling on a leash.

Methods on how to stop a dog from pulling on a leash:

Start with a comfortable collar:

You have to make sure that the collar is neither too tight nor too loose. It should not be too tight or it will start choking the dog. This will make the dog aggressive and it will start to pull on the leash.

Dogs naturally like going for walks or exercising but some dog owners are not very fit for their dogs because they tend to be controlled by their dogs. This should not happen, when it does you need to train your dog and learn how to be their master and not their subject.

To stop a dog from pulling on a leash, you can use a harness as well. It will distribute the weight from the neck to its back. It won’t get tired from walking much easily in that manner.

How to stop a dog from pulling on a leash

To stop a dog from pulling on a leash, choose the perfect leash:

When you have chosen the collar, the next step is to choose a leash. While choosing a leash, keep the training purpose in your mind. You have to train the dog on how to walk.

The leash should not be retractable so that you can pull it easily when you want to stop the dog. You can use a chain or a clothing leash for this purpose. The leash should be at least 6 to 7 feet long.

To learn how to stop a dog from pulling on a leash, teach it how to walk properly:

You have to understand that the dog won’t learn how to walk with you. You have to make it learn. Start with tying the rope with the collar. As soon as you are done with it, teach the dog to take the side on which it will walk with you. Once done with it, you have to take something as a reward for the dog.

Keeping a piece of meat would be good. If you would reward the dog, it would encourage him to do better. It would obey you and would love you even more. You can always train your dog to walk at specific pace. This way, you can easily catch up as well.

Stop when the dog starts pulling:

While walking, if the dog starts pulling the leash, stop at once. Don’t try to pull it forcibly. This will make the dog aggressive. If it starts pulling in any direction, do not follow it. This will make the dog learn that it can make you follow it.

Dogs always want to take the lead and be the leader of the pack. They will try to dominate you but you have to make sure that it learns how to take a walk in public without being a menace and the source of embarrassment for you.

Some facts about the dogs:

Well, there has been a lot of buzz about the dogs being intelligent animals. Here are a few facts that most of us don’t know:

  • They have sweat glands that are located in their claws. Quite a mesmerizing thing to believe, but it exists. Dogs keep their feet warm this way.
  • They use panting as a source of releasing heat from the body in hot weather.
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