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With the best lead and leash, there’s no end to fun adventures with your furry friend. If your dog likes to run further, get them a clip-on with 3 to 8 meter extendable lead. It will brighten up your dog’s day. Shop for dog leads for sale from Online Dog Boutique for everyday use, walks, exercise and a hiking adventure.

Premium Quality Dog Leads & Leashes

We have got colorful and reflect designs for nighttime adventure and regular walks around the town. Online dog boutique offers plenty of options so that owners have a variety to select from when they are about to buy dog lead online. We have micro velvet leashes in our catalogue. The premium stitching, construction, quality materials and eye-catching designs make our leashes and leads stand out. Get a leash that complements the fur of your dog.

No matter how much they pull and strain, our leashes can withstand the power of a dog’s pull. That’s why dog owners prefer to Buy Dog Leashes online from here.

Tips for Buying the Perfect Lead and Leash?

Learn how to choose the right lead and leash for your pet:


Dogs come in all shapes and sizes and hence the leash you buy must reflect your pet’s unique shape. Smaller dogs need a thin leash with tiny clips. This gives the owner control without making the dog uncomfortable. Larger dogs, on the other hand, need sturdier leaches with larger clips. As sturdy as the leash is, be sure it’s not too heavy for the dog or might end up confusing your dog while training.


The length of the leash depends on the situations the leash is typically used for. A shorter leash means your dog won’t interact with people or run into traffic when you are walking in the city. However, when you are out for an adventure and you are ready to provide your dog with more room to run, a longer length would do the work.


Choosing the right material is very critical. Most Dog Leash for sale comes in nylon. It’s inexpensive and it’s available in a variety of patterns. To wash them, simply toss them in the washing machine and they will come as good as new. Nylon fabric gives comfortable grip too.

Another common material in leashes is leather. It’s ideal for dogs who pull strain at the leash. It is easier to control the leather without hurting your buddy. The only drawback is leather leashes have weak stitching and poor construction. They might even snap during usage.

A rare yet worthy material in leashes is microvelvet. It is soft and sturdy at the same time. It’s a bit expensive compared to nylon but lasts for a long time. Your dog will feel comfortable when a microvelvet leash is wrapped around their neck. The best thing is it lasts for a long time and its machine washable too.

Don’t buy low-quality leashes that could hurt your buddy. Shop for premium leads and leashes for a nice outdoor adventure.

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