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Slick and Smart Dog Jackets for Sale

Online Dog Boutique brings the best dog jackets for sale. We have all styles dogs prefer starting from hoodless or sleeveless styles. Some designs have removable hoods and vest-like designs. We have jackets in colorful variety, so your dog gets easier to spot during low visibility weather.

Keep your furry buddy visible, warm, and protected during their walks with a stylish dog jacket from Online Dog Boutique.

Dog jackets are perfect addition to your dog’s wardrobe and are especially handy for your daily walking routine in the cold and rainy weather. Some dogs are bred to endure cold climates, but most dogs need some kind of cloth to help them retain the body heat and shield them from the snow.

Trendy Styles You Can’t Deny

We have got jackets in super cute styles and patterns ideal for outdoor trips. Or you can choose from our indoor designs to dress your pup in a trendy look. Choose from the latest plaids, camo, checks, faux fur, and bold stripe designs. We have got plenty of designs to keep your best friend warm from our collection today.

Quality Material That Lasts Longer

Unlike other sellers, we don’t sell shady quality jackets. Not only is our collection of dog jackets for sale unique, but also ensures premium stitching to provide ultimate satisfaction to dog owners. As long as you take extra care, these dog jackets will last for a long time.

FAQs to Read Before You Buy Dog Jackets

Do dogs need jackets?

We are sure when you’re about to buy dog jackets online, this question must have popped up in your head. Dog jackets can be worn in any type of weather. While dogs have coats of their own, the temperature out there is sometimes insufficient to keep them warm. Plus, the purpose of jackets is not only to keep the dog warm but to protect them from rain, snow and increase their visibility.

If you take your dog for a hunt, a jacket will serve as a protective layer to shield them from the underbrush and other outdoor hazards. Above all these reasons, dog jackets can also be worn for stylish looks.

How do I measure my dog for a jacket?

It’s imperative to ensure the jacket fits the dog just right. For that, you must take a few measurements. Start with this:

  • Neck: Take the circumference where the dog’s collar rests
  • Girth: Measure the widest part of the dog’s chest
  • Length: Measure the length from the back starting from the collar to the base of the tail

The jacket should snug the dog enough to prevent catching. However, it should not be too tight.

What kind of jacket does my dog need?

This highly depends on where you live, your region’s temperature, and your dog’s activities. A fleece jacket is ideal for dogs with shorter hair or senior dogs. If your region gets rain often, get a parka jacket to keep them from the rain while walking.

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