Ten interesting facts about dogs

Dogs are interesting creatures that are fascinating to watch and learn about. There are at least 150 breeds of dogs that are divided into 8 distinct classes. Different breeds of dogs exude different fascinating characteristics.

Here are some of the most interesting facts about dogs

Dogs have a fascinating range of smell

Dogs are praised for their wide range of smell. Research shows that a dog sense of smell is a million times stronger than that of humans. The range of smell is attributed to the millions of olfactory receptors found in their noses.

It is interesting to note that dogs have at least 300 million smell receptors in their noses. Due to this interesting sense of smell, dogs are left with a piece of clothing that smells like the owner. The adopted scent will comfort them during the time of separation

Dogs have a remarkable sense of hearing

Interestingly, a dog has a remarkable sense of hearing. In fact, it is worth noting that its sense of hearing is 10 times more accurate than that of humans. I guess that is why they are good human protectors. Age and breed are great determinants to a dogs hearing capacity. However, such unique abilities pose some challenges to the dogs since they are easily affected by loud noises.

Dogs can see color!

Contrary to common belief that dogs are color blind and can only see black and white; they can actually see colors though their color vision is limited and less vivid than humans. Hence, it is just a popular misconception that dogs are color blind.

A one year old dog is as physically mature as a teenager

Though it might be known that different breeds of puppies age faster than others, it is very surprising to learn that they actually age abnormally faster. The range is indeed interesting. This further explains why the lifespan of a dog is very short. The lifespan of a dog is between 11 to 13 years.

The shape of a dog’s face can indicate the life span of a dog  

Dogs characterized as having sharp and pointed faces that resemble wolves generally live longer as compared to bull dogs which have flat faces.

Dog’s wet noses help their sense of smell

Before you get grossed out that your dog has been rubbing her mucus all over you, here is an interesting fact for you. Dog’s noses are constantly wet since they secrete a layer of mucus, which helps absorb scent. They lick their noses to sample out the scent.

Whose heart beats faster when resting; a dog or human?

It is absolutely fascinating to learn that a resting dog has the same heart beat rate as a resting human.

Dogs don’t chase their tails just because they are playful

Often, a dog chases his or her tail. When it does so it implies a number of reasons. Firstly, it may be an indication that it has fleas and should be taken to a vet immediately. Additionally, a dog chases its tail as an anxiety control mechanism. More interestingly, it does so as a form of exercise and a predatory instinct. A dog may also chase its tail when it is curious.

Dogs are smart creatures

It is remarkable to note that a dog is as intelligent as a two-year-old toddler. This fact is indeed fascinating since in most cases people wonder why two year old get along well with their puppies. They have the same reasoning capacity and therefore can relate well. That is why dogs tend to be very protective and intuitive when it comes to young toddlers.

Dogs have jealousy tendencies.

Interestingly, dogs have a sense of time, and therefore miss their masters while they are apart. If upon arrival they are ignored and devalued they are affected emotionally. They feel better once they are embraced and given proper attention.

Additionally dogs adopt jealousy tendencies because they can detect feelings. A report by the American physiological Association show indicate that dogs can indeed pick up subtle changes in a person’s scent which then helps them to figure out how they are feeling.

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