Top 10 Things to Consider When Bringing Home a New Puppy

One of the best moments in your life will be the day you meet your puppy for the very first time or the day you will decide to adopted him and finally agree to bring him home with you.

There are many things that you need to consider before bringing home a new puppy to ensure the safety and comfort of puppy.

A new puppy means new excitement, responsibilities, as well as new adventures. But, prior to bringing a puppy home, you must consider all the needed things in order that your puppy can have a great time with the whole family.

Here are 10 things you need to consider prior to bringing home a new puppy.

  1. Can You Give Your Time:

A puppy is like newborn baby, he needs to be walked in the middle of the night, he need comfort when he is crying and scared, and lots of interactions to assist him grow up into happy, well-balanced pet.

You need to consider the amount of time this entails. With a tight work schedule, you cannot possibly meet the needs of the dog unless you have somebody to perform that task. If you are a busy person, perhaps it is best to hold off until things hold back.

  1. Space:

One of the most essential issues is that of physical space. A puppy is an active creature and wants open space to exercise. With feline, this is such a big deal- they are likely to accept confined home areas and takes care of his personal exercise within a city setting just fine.

A dog surely needs a big area though. Once you have a yard or garden, this is enough. Or else, a huge open area very close your home within walking distance is essential.

  1. Delegating Liability:

A popular term you hear in the pet business is that a parent will take on a dog for their children. Though the most responsible of kid will occasionally get out of their pet care responsibilities because of homework, after school activities as well as socializing with friends.

Usually, the parents will have to become the first caregiver walking, feeding as well as clearing up after their pets. It’s superb to have your kid involved in caring for the puppy but understand that children might not follow through with their responsibilities if the newness wears off.

  1. Turn Your Home into a Pet-Friendly Space:

Are you aware that chewing gum could be lethal for your puppy? It is very essential to go in your house now, prior to bringing a new puppy home, to look out for any hazards and get rid of them.

This takes looking on top of counter tops, cabinets at puppy level, and bottles of deadly chemicals on your floor, small toys, curtain cords as well as electric cords. And it does not stop there. You’ll also have to check your yard and home for poisonous plants and when you have a bag, you’ll have to discard possible threats such as sweet free gums that have xvlitol.

  1. Cost:

This is also one of the essential factors to consider prior to bringing home a new puppy. A huge animal could eat an awful lot, and there are additional healthcare expenses on top of that. If you cannot afford to look after say, another kid, then you must perhaps consider a pet that is a smaller one.

  1. Commitment:

When bringing home a new puppy, you must keep in mind the time commitment of taking for walks as well as regular exercise on a daily basis. The other commitment is that it critically limits your option of holidays as well as family outings. If traveling overseas a few times a year is important for you and you are unsure of any other caretaker, just don’t get a puppy.

Bringing Home a New Puppy

  1. Grieving:

If your other pet passes away and in order to fill the space you adopt a puppy right away during the grieving and healing process. Your feelings are all over the place and with this disturbing baggage; a new dog might be confused. Dog have a remarkable way of reading your mind as well as sensing your feelings or emotions.

In case you are mourning loss, give enough time prior to get a new dog.. Each time you intermingle with your new pet, an aura of sorrow comes over you; your dog thinks you are depressed because of him. Dogs aim to please all the time so it’s hard to fulfill this role.

  1. Multiple Pets:

An older dog usually could be “careless” about a new puppy in the home. General guideline is to keep the dog ages within five years of each other. You also need to know more about your family.

  1. Training:

Like kids, a dog needs boundaries and rules. So you can go the professional way and deal with an expert or professional dog trainer or you can train your dog on your own. Either way, you have to practice a lot. This takes so much time. If you don’t have dedication and time, it’s best not to have a new puppy.

  1. Know the Breed of the Puppy:

It doesn’t matter if you get a Heinz 57 or a purebred, every feature or characteristic which breeders have intentionally bred into these babies are strong and alive. When you are an active person and want to take your dog all over the place with you, you have to consider a high-energy breed of dog.

If you are a homebody as well as less active, then you need to find a dog that has those characteristic too. Do not allow the looks of a puppy to dictate your lifestyle. Look into health issues as well for the breeds as well as grooming needs.


When it comes to bringing home a new puppy, you have to be ready for unconditional love, protection, friendship, devotion, loyalty, laughs, companionship, bonding and joy, sloppy and cuddly. In a crazy world there’s nothing better than a puppy.

With that said, you are aware of the things to consider before bringing a puppy home. Don’t allow your emotions to drive you into adopting a dog without paying attention to the essential things requires for your dog.

The dog`s or puppy’s happiness matters just like your happiness. Before matching into the market to bring your puppy or dog home, ensure that everything has been put in place so that your pet will feel proud and happy in their new home.

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