How to Stop a Puppy from Begging

Puppies are cute period. They are so adorable and we cannot stop wanting to squish them, not to mention feed them. We can’t even help but throw some scraps of food when we eat from our table.

This can lead to them to start begging for food that can sometimes become annoying no matter how adorable they are. Now, you may ask how can I stop a puppy from begging and break this unhealthy habit?

Here are some few tips to help you out.

  1. Ignore, Ignore, Ignore

One of the most important tip on how to Stop a Puppy from Begging is to ignore your puppy when you are eating at your table. Do not even look at your puppy. Doing so will encourage your puppy to beg for scraps of food. When you start to pay attention to your puppy while you are eating, you are setting him up to expect something from you. Giving your puppy some scraps of food “just for a taste” is the start of it all. Do not fall for this trap no matter how hard it is to ignore your poor little baby.

  1. Involve your family members

Tell your family members to also stop giving your puppy food from your table during dinner, from the couch while watching their favorite TV show, from under the table when they are reading, and any time of day. In order to break the habit, the whole family should work together.

  1. Train your puppy to stay in one place while you eat.

When you are eating, train your puppy to sit or stay in one place preferably far away from where you are eating. You can give your puppy a treat afterwards for following your orders. Do this every time until it becomes a new habit. Your puppy will follow your command in exchange for the reward. This is better than begging for food.

If you haven’t already, teach your puppy to follow commands like sit or stay. Trust me, it is very useful not only for when your puppy is begging for food. You can use these commands to train your puppy to behave whether you are in the comfort of your own home or in a public place.

  1. Put your puppy on leash

This is kind of heartbreaking at first, I know. But when you tether your puppy to something that is unmovable when your puppy doesn’t want to sit or stay in one place while you are eating is also a good step on how to stop a Puppy from begging for food. Your puppy might cry at first, and it is breathtakingly cute, but do not give in. I repeat, do not give in.

How to Stop a Puppy from Begging

  1. Put your puppy in a crate.

The crate should be your puppy’s own place. You can also put your puppy in it when you are about to eat. You can give him a toy to play with or a chew toy so it won’t feel like a punishment. You can reward your puppy with treats afterwards for behaving and staying his place while you ate. You can also let your puppy out for a walk or play afterwards.

  1. Be consistent and patient

Everything that we have mentioned above won’t work if you are inconsistent with your training and get impatient when your puppy won’t follow your orders. This is the answer to your question, how to stop a puppy from begging. Eventually, it will happen. You just have to be firm when you give orders and not give in and let your puppy out of its crate or leash when it starts to whine or cry.


If the problem gets really out of hand, just be firm, consistent, and patient. Remember, it is partly your fault why your puppy is acting that way. It may take a while to break the habit, but it is possible.

Do not punish your puppy for not following orders immediately. You can use positive reinforcement and give your puppy a treat every time it follows your orders. Remember to remind your family members to do the same thing, as well, or your training will all be for nothing.

You can feed your puppy leftover food, it is fine. You just have to put it in the food bowl like your puppy’s usual feeding spot. It all boils down to training your puppy properly and training yourself to be patient, as well. If you do, you will have a well-behaved puppy that follows your every command.

Puppies give a high value for food. Do not let their adorable faces fool you. They should follow your commands and not the other way around. They should give you a sit or a stay even before touching their food bowl. So be the leader and not a follower.

These tips can help you so you do not have to wonder how to stop a puppy from begging, anymore. If you want to get further knowledge and train your puppy better,

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