How to Train My Dog to Pray

There are many different kinds of obedience training. Some are necessary because they can be lifesavers, while some are well, just cute and fun. Take, for example, teaching your dog to say prayers.

What are the possible benefits of teaching this to your dog? Here are some.

  • You can join dog competitions. It means that your dog is smart and you are a great obedience trainer.
  • You can impress your crush or people around you. Well, having a dog is adorable enough. It means that you can actually take care of another living thing beside yourself. What more when you show off by commanding your dog, “say your prayers.” You and your dog will become a certified crowd pleaser.
  • You can help your fellow dog-lover friends when they ask you, “how to train my dog to pray?”
  • Your dog is in advance training. Congratulation on a job well done. You can expect a well-trained dog that can give you joy by entertaining you every time you are feeling down.

How to train my dog to pray, you ask? Well, it actually varies from trainer to trainer. But here are some steps that can help you train your dog how to pray.

  1. Choose your command and think of a gesture or “lure shape” that suits it.

As we mentioned, training your dog how to pray is not really necessary. But it is fun, entertaining, and hella cute! So choose your command. It can be, “let us pray,” “say your prayers” or simply “pray.” Then choose a gesture that your dog can associate it with. It helps in making it easier to learn. A gesture depends on the sequence of training you have chosen to choose.

What is a lure shape?

A lure shape is a term dog trainers use to teach a dog a complicated trick. It means that you will be using a clicker and a treat, step by step until your dog finally gets to the position or trick you want it to do. You will be clicking the clicker and then giving the treat as your dog moves bit by bit towards the goal.

  1. Choose one sequence of training to use and stick to it.

As mentioned, teaching this trick depends on the trainer. Others have it from the bottom up, while some from the top down. Methods vary that is why it is crucial that you choose your own method and stick to it. You can also use some props like a chair or something else that can help your dog get into a position you want.

Some example sequence you can follow:

  • From the bottom of the chair/stool/bench/props up – Use a stool or bench as props. Make your dog sit a little bit farther front of it and lift one of its paws. Remember to use a clicker and award a treat for every move. Lift one paw, click, and then give a treat. Lift both paws, click, and reward a treat. Do this repeatedly until both paws touch the bench. Reward more treats when it happens to tell your dog that it is doing a great job. Do this with the command of your choice until your dog can hold both paws in position.


  • From the top of the chair down – You can try to stand your dog in front of your chosen props – bench, stool, or chair. You can lure shape your dog to put both of it front paws on top of the chair, click, and then reward with a treat. Do this repeatedly until your dog can finally hold the position.
  1. Reward generously.

Reward your dog generously after completing the sequence. Remember, it is not that simple to learn the pray trick.

  1. Practice makes perfect.

Like in almost all things, practice makes perfect. Repetition is key. Practice every day or multiple times in a day until your dog is able to master the trick, even without using a chair or props.

  1. Patience pays off.

Keep in mind that mastering one trick takes time. Not because you have watched a dog show and it all seemed easy for other dogs to learn the trick, doesn’t mean it is going to be the same way for your little pooch. If you really want your dog to learn, be patient. Eventually, your dog will learn the trick and you will be able to feel proud of yourself for having accomplished training your dog to say a prayer. You can now move on to another difficult trick! Say, training your dog how to add?

You can choose this how to train my dog to pray instructions or you can devise your own method. Whatever you choose, do not forget the important pointers such as rewarding, praising, and having the patience of a saint. Good luck!

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