How to Train My Dog to Sit

Training a dog on how to sit is a basic command. When your dog learns this, it is easier for you to control your dog in public or when you want it to behave. If you are looking to learn on the topic “how to train my dog to sit”, first see some instances below when “sit” is useful.

  • When someone rings your doorbell – It could be your family member and your dog is too excited or it could be the postman that your dog thinks there is an intruder in the house. Either way, it is good that your dog learns how to sit. Your dog will learn not to jump at people.


  • During feeding time –Dogs place a high value on food. They get excited and they want to eat immediately just hearing you get the food. Make sure that they follow your command and give you a sit before you allow your dog to dig in into his food bowl.


  • During other behavioral training and playtime – there are other basic commands that you can teach your dog to follow and knowing how to make your dog sit first, is a good way to start. Also, during playtime, making your dog sit to pacify it a bit when it is starting to play rough is also useful.

If you are clueless and asking yourself “how to train my dog to sit?” do not fret, it is easy. Here are some things you can do to be able to achieve this and get your dog to sit on command.

  1. Make sure your dog is in a state wherein he is willing to learn.

Dogs have attention spans, too. You should make sure to teach them only when they are eager to learn to make it stick. This is the first rule of how to train my dog to sit training program. Make it a point to keep your training sessions short and put away things that might distract your dog. Maintain your dog’s focus and attention.

  1. Sit or kneel to get to your dog’s level.

It would be easier for you to teach your dog how to sit if you are within its level. This way, you can put your dog into sitting position easily.

  1. Do not forget your bag of treats!

Do not forget the yummy treats for your dog. This is important. When your dog finally obeyed, giving it a treat will encourage it more. You can also start by holding the treat up its nose until he follows it and he sits on its butt. Do not forget the command “sit.”

  1. Reward your dog with treats and be generous with praises.

When your dog finally sits on command, give your dog a treat. Praise your dog by saying “good girl or good” boy” or “good doggy” this positive behavioral reinforcement will encourage your dog to follow your command. You can also give your dog a hug to make it extra happy.

How to Train My Dog to Sit

  1. Do it repeatedly until he is no longer in the mood to learn.

Dogs get tired, too. Even when there are treats involved, they may still lose that willingness to learn. So just repeat all the procedure until it gets to that time that your dog is no longer interested to earn or already tired from training.

When your dog shows signs that it is no longer interested, stop. You can try multiple times a day when your dog is in the mood again or you can always train your dog the next day. Do this every day until your dog finally gets it and sits on command every time you order it to. You can gradually increase the amount of training time every day. That is the end of your “How to train my dog to sit” program.


In this training, repetition is key. Also, be consistent and patient if your dog doesn’t obey the first few times. Eventually, your dog will finally get it and follows your command every time. Do not scare your dog or give punishment whenever it fails to follow your command. Doing so might even lead to your dog not wanting to learn or gets too scared of you when you are trying to train it.

It will take time, but your dog will get it eventually. Training a dog to sit is not breed-specific. Meaning, some dogs might be able to learn fast and some may take a while. Do not think that it is because of the breed of your dog.

If everything doesn’t work and you still ask yourself the same question, “how to train my dog to sit?” maybe it is time to enroll your dog in behavioural training classes.

As we have mentioned, training a dog how to sit can be a lifesaver. It is very basic and important in raising a well-adjusted dog that is safe to be around different kinds of people, and even play with other dogs in the park. Trust me, you will be thankful that your dog knows how to sit.

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