Best Way to Train a Dog

You have different choices to train your dog. Nevertheless, not all of them are right. Some people make use of techniques to suppress their instincts and repress the behaviors they want to change.

That approach can lead to rude techniques, not every dog (or dog owner) can endure. We have gathered some tips on the best way to train a dog. Use them to train the dog yourself, and make sure your trainer uses these techniques instead of other not so friendly options.

Focus on Reinforcing the Behavior you want to get

To concentrate on the good things is the best way to train a dog. This requires staying on the positive side of the coin. Some people are not prone to seeing the good things in life, so it will be harder for them to train their pets. If you are part of this group, start with some self-training. Look for the positive things in life. Then, try to put everything in positive terms.

Once you master being positive, take it to your pet. Observe its behavior and praise anything you want it to do. For example, instead of punishing your dog when it pees inside the house, praise him when he does it at the right spot. That will be much more efficient. As you use positive reinforcement, you will create a stronger bond with your pet too.

Make use of the Natural Behaviors for Dogs

Demonstrate you are pleased as you train your dog. Make extensive use of the natural will of dogs to please you. They will adapt smoothly to your style if you are able to show when you are pleased.

Another good tip is to act as the pack leader. Dogs are social animals that live in packs. The best way to train a dog is to appear as the leader. They will follow your orders instinctively. To do so, you must be clear, direct, and consistent. Avoid mixed signs since they will just confuse your pet. Giving sharp commands is key to make them understand you are the leader.


Your dog will be easier trained if you can follow regular routines with him. For example, if you are teaching him good toilet habits, it is imperative to have regular mealtimes. Then, make a habit of visiting the pop spot after eating. Going there after a nap and early in the morning is also recommended.

Things to Avoid when Training

These are not the best way to train a dog. Try to avoid these practices as you teach your pet the right habits.

  • Don’t use physical punishments that hurt your pet.
  • Avoid using anything that causes real pain, like sound or electroshock devices.
  • Giving him too many treats. You will not be seriously taken if you overpraise your dog.

Best Way to Train a Dog

We do not recommend automatic devices like training collars. They may be effective, but they will not enhance the bond between you and your pet.

Also, remember that training is at first a primary focus. However, the training techniques should always be kept at hand. Do not stop training your pet. It is all about habits. If you break the habits, then don’t blame your pet for misbehaving. Never overlook misconduct and correct it as early as possible.

It is also important that you practice continuously. Even if you are done with training, make extensive use of the language you just taught to your dog. That way he will remember, and you will too!

Dog Health

Threats are used to reinforce positive behaviors as the best way to train a dog. When you choose a treat to praise your dog during training, make it a healthy one. Some tasty options on the market will also add nutritional value to your pet.

Even some human food from the fridge can be a good prize. For example, some jam, boiled chicken, or cheese. If you prepare biscuits as treats, avoid using sugar or other ingredients that not dog-friendly. Some of the things you must not give your dog are grapes, raisins, chocolate, onion, and garlic.

When you are engaged in training, beware of how many treats you are giving to your dog each session. You might need to reduce the daily amount of regular food you give your dog. Take a calorie-intake approach, and make it even on training days. That way you will not end up with an overweight dog after a training period.

Fun / Interesting Dog Facts

Did you know that the first living astronaut was a dog? Her name was Laika, and it was sent in a Russian mission. She traveled in 1957 inside the Sputnik. While we cannot yet go to the outer space, Laika had the chance to live the experience 60 years ago!

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