How to stop a dog from chewing everything

Dogs are lovable, cheerful, playful, and most of all, mischievous. They have this habit of eating everything they find. This is why it is important to learn how to stop a dog from chewing everything.

What the dog may chew on could be a rotten fruit to a piece of meat full of worms. This can lead to a lot of trouble since they have a weak immune system that is prone to every infection and disease.

To stop a dog from chewing anything, you have to make sure that it does not go to places where there is such food. You have to teach the dog what to chew and how to chew. As humans, it’s us who have to help these animals in getting the right food intake, and giving proper attention can only do that.

Health issues due to toxic eating:

Many health issues are associated with the wrongful chewing habits of dogs. Some of them are listed below for your assistance. If you find any of these signs, immediately consult a vet.

Diarrhea and vomiting:

You might come home and find your dog spoiling the floor with vomits and liquid stool. This is a dog owner’s nightmare. The cause of this disease could be anything. The stomach disorders mostly are related to unhealthy eating. Any rotten food can cause enteritis and diarrhea. This could be lethal if the dog gets extremely dehydrated.

Worms inside the body:

Eating rotten and unhealthy food would lead to the occurrence of tapeworms or hookworms in the dog’s intestine. The dog will lose its appetite. Loss of weight and fatigue are the most common symptom of this disease. Do not try to treat these diseases yourself since medication for every worm is different.

Dental issues:

You will know when to start learning how to stop a dog from chewing everything by examining its teeth. Swollen and bleeding gums indicate the tooth infection which can also become fatal if goes untreated.

Why do dogs chew everything?

You have to understand the behavior of your dog to uncover the reason behind this blind chewing habit. The possible reasons are listed below:

  • They are seeking your attention.
  • They are in the state of depression due to lack of care and attention.
  • They are not trained on the chewing habits.
  • They have certain phobias and fears.
  • They are bored due to lack of activities.

Well, there are few possible ways that can be used when learning how to stop a dog from chewing everything it wants. The good news is, you can train it how to chew and what to chew.

How to stop a dog from chewing everything

Tips to on How to stop a dog from chewing everything:

Make your house a home for the dog:

To make sure that the dog is comfortable in your house. You can make certain modifications like not throwing eatables on the floor, keeping your shoes away from their reach, put the dogs in their crates or homes. Provide fresh water for it every time.

Make the dog sociable:

When your dog will develop a habit of staying with people, it will stop sneaking into every corner of the house or the garden looking for food. This will stop it from chewing unhealthy stuff.

Choose toys for the dog:

One of the important things that are suggested by the vets is the usage of toys that are chew-able. Dogs love to play with toys. If they find these toys attractive, they would stop chewing unnecessary stuff. You can give these toys at their meal times so that they get used to the toys rather than chewing harmful stuff.

Promote healthy activities for the dog:

To stop a dog from chewing everything, you have to promote healthy activities such as running, walking, playing with a ball or anything so that the dog gets little time to find stuff to chew.

Make it chew the right things:

Teach the dog to chew healthy stuff. Place unpleasant stuff in the corners so that it stops eating them. Don’t chase your dog or force anything on it during this training.


Some little-known facts about the dogs:

  • Dogs have a terrific sense of smell, which is 1000 times better than us.
  • The dogs can exert a pressure of about 320 pounds with their mouth while biting and chewing.


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