How to stop a puppy from chewing on things all the time

Why do Dogs chew every time?

Dogs can be often found chewing anything and everything they come across. However irritating it may be to others, it is normal for dogs and puppies to keep on chewing random things.

It is a natural behavior for dogs and lead to irreversible loses especially when the owner is not around. While some dogs are seldom found chewing, there are others, which are lonelier, and anxious those are caught chewing every now and then.

A compulsive behavior signifying boredom, loneliness and anxiety should be confronted immediately and puppies should be trained not to chew random things. In your expedition to find out how to stop a puppy from chewing on things, we enlist few of the numerous reasons why dogs keep on chewing things all the time are as follows

  1. Anxiety

Most of the pets have separation anxiety; they are so dependent on the owners that the fear of being left alone is deep rooted in their hearts. Feeling nervous and chewing habits in puppies are co-related; the puppies that are more anxious are more likely to take out their anxiety on things by chewing them.

It may be your sofa, your favorite clothes, or any other random thing in our house or vicinity, when a puppy feels anxious or nervous he starts chewing.

Another reason why puppies feel nervous is due to fear, it may be fear of the owner, if he often ill treats his pet or fear of some intruder like any other strong animal, your puppy is likely to chew on things all the time if such conditions prevail.

  1. Boredom

Most of the dog species require enough physical activity to keep them lively throughout the day. Give them any lesser physical exercising than their required levels and they start feeling bored and dull. Dogs are known to take out their frustration either by slow but excessive barking, whining or by chewing on things.

Any of the aforesaid habits is not considered good, the best thing you can do as you consider how to stop a puppy from chewing on things is keeping him engaged. Have a routine exercising of play session for your pet and see the difference. You as a pet owner yourself need to be highly energetic to keep your beloved pet full of energy and positivity.

  1. Hunger

Incomplete hunger satisfaction may be reason for your puppy to keep on chewing things. If the puppy is not fully satisfied, it is likely to destroy your expensive utilities smelling like food, or invade your kitchen, in order to satisfy his hunger for additional nutrition.

Observe your puppy and ensure that he is properly fed and its food is full of all necessary nutrients. You can also discuss your puppy’s diet chart with the veterinarian to make sure that your puppy has all required nutrients and is fed completely.

How to stop a puppy from chewing on things all the time

  1. Teething

In younger puppies, chewing is seen in the earlier weeks after birth at the time of teething. Very much like human infants, in their quest to discover new things and in order to ease the discomfort that teething brings along, puppies try on each and every thing that they come across.

Chewing eases the pain that new teethes bring along. Further, puppies use their mouth to explore the world just that we use our hands. This habit if not corrected on time may lead to compulsive chewing even when the puppy grows up into a adult, hence, requires immediate attention.

How to stop a puppy from chewing on things

Continuously chewing on things can be a really irritating habit. Moreover, it can be destructive as the puppy out of his urge to chew may grab on anything that he comes across and start chewing.

It is therefore very important to understand How to stop a puppy from chewing on things and train your dearest pet to be disciplined and behave properly. We enlist certain tips on helping you to stop your puppy from an every time chewing habit

  1. Understanding the reason for his behavior

As a puppy owner you should first understand the reason behind your puppy’s constantly chewing habit. Try and make your pet comfortable if it is anxious, play along if it bored, provide enough and correct food if it is hungry and arrange of chewing toy if it is teething. Understanding the problem sets a correct platform to permanently get rid of that unwanted habit.

  1. Handle with patience

This unruly habit of your puppy is of course likely to grieve you but as a responsible pet owner, you need to handle the situation with utmost care. Puppies can be trained; all you need to do is train them with full patience.

Never be harsh with your puppy, don’t ever harm them, this will further worsen the situation, stay calm and chalk out a plan to stop them from chewing random things.

  1. Correct the puppy every time

Every time you find your pet chewing something correct its behavior calmly. Make him understand your commands such as ‘No’. It may take time, but given the intelligent attributes of a puppy’s personality, he shall surely understand that chewing random things all the time is wrong.

Further, you can also re-direct its behavior every time you catch it chewing on things. Puppy’s attention can be re-directed by playing with him, or engaging it with alternative things.

  1. Use chew toys

For the puppies who are teething, various chew toys are available in the market. These toys help in easing out the pain and irritation that teething brings along.

These tips are a sure shot in helping you in your quest to find ways on how to stop a puppy from chewing on things. Try out some of these and have a happy training.

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