How to stop aggressive behavior in dogs

Dogs are mans’ true and honest companions. Whatever breed it may belong to, yet loyalty runs in its blood. A dog will never betray his master, no matter what the circumstances are. Once you find the dog of your choice and bring it home, you have to make sure that it stays in the best health.

Health issues leading to aggressive behavior in dogs:

Well, every living being gets sick. There will be times when your dog will get irritated, might growl at you and even try to bite you but all this is happening because something wrong is going on inside them.

Dogs tend to get irritated easily when they are mistreated, they see a stranger or they are unwell.

Here are a few health issues that you can deal with while learning how to stop aggressive behavior in dogs:

Irritation and aggression are highly undesirable when you it comes to the dogs. The reasons could be anything from the fear of strangers, fear of anything or any health issue.

  • Skin allergies might end up into an aggressive and miserable dog. The dog is prone to a variety of infections every day. Skin allergies result in severe scratching and even bleeding of the skin. To stop aggressive behavior in dogs with allergies, you have to consult a vet.
  • Dogs have a habit of eating anything they find in their way. This could lead to diarrhea and vomiting. As a result, your dog will get weak and stubborn. Whenever you see a dog with such problem, immediately go to a vet.
  • Arthritis weakens the dog’s bones. As a result, it will find difficulty in walking and running as well. The physical activity will be reduced. Any dog can get aggressive when he is not able to move and play.
  • Dental diseases are the most overlooked health concern for the dogs. Dogs are very much in danger of developing tooth infections and gum issues as well. If your dog has a bad breath, there is definitely something wrong with its teeth such as plaque and tartar formation. The infection could enter his brain as well leading to severe complications such as madness, schizophrenia etc.

How to stop aggressive behavior in dogs

Methods on how to stop aggressive behavior in dogs:

There are a variety of methods that can be adapted on how to stop aggressive behavior in dogs. Aggression is definitely a result of some unknown causes.

To take a deeper insight on how we can stop aggressive behavior in dogs, consider the tips below:

Safety concerns:

One of the main aims is to stay safe from the aggressive dogs. Since you might end up getting hurt in the process, you have to consider the fact that the dog can turn furious and may not show any respect no matter how strong your bond is with them.

To keep yourself, your family and the neighborhood safe, try to make stronger fences for your property if this applies to you. The dog should not be able to leave the premises without supervision. If it crosses the fence, you or the dog might get into trouble.

Try to keep the dog on a strong leash. This will make sure that the dog is under control. Make sure that the dog wears a muzzle in public places so that it won’t be able to growl, bite or scare people away.

These precautions have to be taken while you slowly but steadily train your dog to stop being aggressive. Do not accept this kind of behavior at any cost.

To learn how to stop aggressive behavior in dogs, make the dog sociable:

Make your dog less aggressive by exposing it to things that it fears the most. Do this kindly though. Do not just go out exposing your dog to all sorts of things it fears. This can be dangerous, so do it reasonably and in a well controlled environment.

Once it is desensitized to such things, it won’t be aggressive. For example, if your dog has a fear of strangers, you can allow it to go for a walk with you where it will see a lot of people. This will grow its trust and confidence.

Understand the reasons behind the aggression:

If you know why your dog is being aggressive, you have to be supportive with your dog when it is suffering from any condition leading to aggression. Showing proper and balanced affectionate care will help in developing a stronger bond between the owner and the dog.

Fun facts about dogs:

  • Dogs have a wet nose that helps them in absorbing the chemicals in the scent.
  • Anything of yours such as clothing will comfort your dog while you are away from it.


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