How to stop a dog from jumping on people

When you allow your dogs to get used to jump on people every time they visit or when you meet, it may scare away some people since like you may already know, not everybody likes dogs.

While learning how to stop a dog from jumping on people you need to understand that dogs can jump on you as a sign of greeting, expression of excitement or even sheer display of dominance.

You should teach your dog that you would only have his or her attention when he or she is on all fours. For example, when your dog jumps on you the moment you enter the door, ignore her, if she stands on all the four paws, show her some affection.

Here are some tips on How to stop a dog from jumping on people;

  1. Ignore her when she jumps on you

You should start training your dog early. The earlier the better. The moment you enter your door and she jumps on you, ignore her. You could act like you have not seen her or just avoid any sort of contact like showing her affection.

By doing this, you will be training her that jumping on people is not acceptable and as you maintain this kind of training a habit, your dog will learn. When she comes to you excited but is on her four paws, embrace her, show some affection and appreciate her. This is most probably an effective way on how to stop a dog from jumping on people.

  1. Avoid encouraging the behavior of Jumping on people

You should stop reinforcing this behavior if you to learn how to stop a dog from jumping on people. You could teach her an alternative behavior instead. Do not be too excited when you come home and see your dog, avoid petting her too much and showing affection, this way, you will make her to control her over excitement every time someone comes at your house. She will not jump on them and cause discomfort and disaster in some cases.

  1. Start the training as early as possible

You should train your dog how to stop jumping on people in the early stages of her life. When she is still young. This is easier than training her at a later stage. You should do this regularly, for instance when she is excited and she jumps on you, keep your hands to yourself. Do not respond, and tell her to stop doing that. Teach her what is wrong and what is right.

With time she will come to understand. Most dog owners do not train their dogs to be calm. For example, you could teach her to sit and be calm in case she wants food. Teach he that if she does not be calm, she will not get what she wants.

  1. Avoid treating your dog like a baby

It is true that you love your dog, because she is your companion or true friend, this does not mean that she is your baby, she is just a dog. This does not also mean that we should stop being compassionate, loving or caring. In fact dogs need balanced affection.

How to stop a dog from jumping on people

If you treat your dog like a baby, she will expect the same kind of affection from everyone, so if you come home and take her in your arms the moment she jumps up on you, she will expect the same from a guest, which is not good. So regulate your affection if you want to stop your dog from jumping on people.

  1. Set aside time for training

You may be having a crazy work schedule, as a result it may be difficult to find time for training your dog. You might have had a bad day at work and you come home tired or frustrated. This may create less affection between you and your dog and when you try to communicate, she may stare at you like you are some kind of stranger.

You should therefore set aside time to bond with your dog and get used to each other. This will help her focus during training and learn quickly. So for those who are working, you could try sparing some time at home to teach your dog how to stop jumping on people.

  1. Teach your dog to greet politely and calmly

You should train her to be calm before greeting people. Make her sit down, relax and be calm before saying hello to her. Do not say hello if she is not calm. Use commanding words like “sit,” when training her. When you make this a habit, your dog will stop jumping on people.

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