How to stop a dog from jumping on the bed

Dirty beds will be a common sight in your home if you do not learn how to stop a dog from jumping on the bed. If you have been noticing the strands of hair, or that muddy paw-mark in high frequency now.

Perhaps, you don’t allow your dog to sit on the bed while you are around but when you go out and then come back later you notice that your dog has been sitting on the bed behind your back! And all you can think about now is, how to stop a dog from jumping on the bed.


Understand first that your dog is trying to be comfortable and near to the ones he loves, however, you cannot undermine the risk of dirty bedding. Dogs can transport fleas; fleabites can trigger fever and allergies and dog hair can irritate the skin. Now that you have learned the cause and the consequence, you are ready to take the next step.

Never allow him on the bed.

The next step is to make sure your dog is never allowed on the bed. When you’re away do not forget to lock your bedroom door so that it is off-limits every time you are not present. Create a space for your dog. Train them well on keeping their surroundings clean. Then you don’t have to dwell on how to stop a dog from jumping on bed and making it dirty while you’re at an important meeting or a lunch date.

Be Consistent.

The reason that our dogs are still sitting on our bed is because we allow them to. We ourselves do not prefer to be strict with this rule, may be you’re running late for work and your dog is sitting on the bed and you just ignore it and reach for your front door. It is events like these, which makes the dogs indifferent to the “don’t sit on the bed” rule.

Dogs learn through repetition. Even if the dog is trying to climb onto your bed, communicate clearly that it is not his place through gentle nudges to it’s collar directing it to its own mat. Your dog might be rebellious at first but through consistency you’ll realize that he will stay quietly right on the carpet.

Treat your dog.

Now that you have trained your dog to not sit on the bed but to sit on its own mat, encourage your dog to do it and every time it performs, treat him with his favorite snack or toy. This conditions his behavior to staying on his own mat. You might want to give consistency in giving treats as well, you don’t want to go back to thinking about how to stop a dog from jumping on bed and dirtying in just a few days.

How to stop a dog from jumping on the bed

Be Kind

Dogs have high energy and are usually excited to see you especially when you come back home after work. They might jump on the bed and sometime refuse to come down. In this case, do not pull the collar hard as it may result in neck injuries to your dog.

Do not push them away with your hands or your feet, or make striking noises, which might scare them. A hurtful punishment emits fear signals from the dog’s brain, which results in the dog to be fearful of things it shouldn’t be of for instance the owner, furniture etc.

Treat your dog with patience and kindness, if it gets on the couch sternly say No or Off, gently shove him if he still does not comply, carry the dog to its mat if it refuses to step down.

Understand Dog behavior

Studying dogs’ distant cousins, wolves, can solve how to stop a dog from jumping on bed. They are territorial, hunt in packs and follow their leader. Like their cousins, dogs are territorial animals. Dog’s loathe if any other dog is in its area and fears if it has encroached other dog’s borders.

If the dog stays on the bed tell it in a calm and assertive manner to get off the bed. If he doesn’t surrender grab his collar and show him the direction to go, once he starts moving release him off the collar.

You don’t want to pull or carry him off the bed now because you want to check how much he has learned. Keeping this information in mind asserts to your dog that you two are living in your territory and that you’re the alpha. Once the dog surrenders to you as alpha, your dog will always follow you and your orders.

All in all, as a dog owner your first responsibility is to understand your dog. How it thinks and behaves. Since the dog is also the member of the family express to him that there are house rules and it must follow them.

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