How to Teach a Dog to Potty Outside

If your dog is pooping inside your house, learn how to stop the habit now with the tips below on how to teach a dog to potty outside. This is an important part of training your pet to behave while he lives with you. You will have less urgent cleaning to do if you succeed.

The Signs for the Potty Time

When you are engaged in the process of how to teach a dog to potty outside, you must learn too. This is not a task your dog should do alone. All dogs have certain signs for the potty time. Your job will be to learn about the signs for the potty time. Some of the most common distinctive sings are:

  • Sniffing around your house finding the right spot.
  • A particular position of its tail.
  • Just walking all over the house in a certain manner.

All the signs we just listed are important. Regardless of the potty walk, you must take your dog outside as soon as you identify any of these indicators. Now, let’s move on to explain the potty walk further.

The Potty Walk

If you don’t have a patio to let your pet out for potty, then you must schedule the potty walk. This should be the time when your pet relieves itself. Making it a schedule is important. If you want to develop habits, the potty walk must be at specific times. While you are training your pet, go outside around every hour.

You don’t have to make this a long walk. Just a block in which you give your pet the chance to pee should be enough. You and your pet are going to learn from each other when it is a good time for potty. You can then select the times that are truly effective to make the potty walk the habit that will keep pee and poo away from your home.

Puppies and Pee

Puppies need special care. They have tiny bladders and will not hold their pee for a long time. When you want to learn how to teach a dog to potty outside, you must be patient and put an extra effort. For puppies, you may use the potty walk too as we explained before. However, it should be at least every half an hour.

How to Teach a Dog to Potty Outside

We know this is a lot initially, but it is better than having to clean a mess inside. Eventually, you and your puppy will get used to pee and poo outside. Then, you can cut out the potty walks that are useless.

A Potty Word

You need to start talking to your pet. All dogs are smart, and you can communicate with them. The best approach is to choose simple words. That is the most effective way to teach commands and interact with your pets. As for the potty time, you need to associate a potty word. Use this word whenever you go outside for the potty walk.

Some words you may use are “outside”, “potty”, or “poo”. They are common potty words for dogs. However, there are no rules, and you can choose any word you like as long as it is short and simple.

As you are training your dog to potty outside, use the word frequently. You should say it when you are about to start the potty walk, or if you just let it go to your patio or garden. Then, when your pet successfully pees or poos outside, use the potty word again.

Eventually, you can use the potty word to communicate with your pet. You will learn to read a yes from your pet. It can be a tail movement, a bark, or a still position. In any case, when you ask the potty word, you will receive an answer that will confirm that it is time to go.

Never Neglect the Signs for Potty Time

One important step on how to teach a dog to potty outside is to never neglect the signs for potty time. If you do so, you will surely end up with a potty mess inside your home. Remember that discharging is a natural function your pet must undertake. Do not disregard the signs ever.


Some people use dog treats to reward their dogs when they discharge outside successfully. This can be a great way to reinforce the conduct you want your pet to have. However, rewards for potty are tricky. If you want it to be an automatic behavior, this may turn into an obligation.

Try to use rewards only when your dog is too stubborn to make it in any other way. Some dogs will make a mess inside just to get a reward for going outside, and that is not precisely what you want.

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