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Dog Crate Covers


Give your dog a taste of Luxury with the best dog crate cover.


Crate training is one of the essential parts of grooming your pets. It can teach them a lot of desired behaviors while helping to curb a lot of bad behavior. When you get your dog crate from Online Dog Boutique, be sure to accessorize and complete the set with a luxe crate cover. Here you can find the most luxurious and beautiful crate covers around, designed to give your dog the best experience possible. If you’re thinking of what to look for in a dog crate cover, keep reading on to find out just what the Online Dog Boutique has to offer.

Only the best in looks

Every crate cover you’ll find at the Online Dog Boutique is stunning in design. Made from luxurious micro velvet, these covers are stunning and come in a range of designs, colors and textures. Crates can often be unsightly, but with a crate cover you can make any crate look warm, welcoming and beautiful. The soft texture and warmth provided by the cover make it ideal for use in all weathers. Furthermore, the crate covers can help you travel with a dog crate in fashion! 

Privacy for your dog

While our dogs are generally affectionate and cuddly, there are times when they want to be on their own as well. There are several moments when you might want to give your dog some extra privacy. Nursing mothers or pregnant dogs appreciate the privacy greatly that we get from a cover, and it can help them feel more secure. Similarly, if your dogs are sick or wounded, they might want to hide away for a bit. Instead of having them hide in some dark, dangerous place, with a cozy crate cover from Online Dog Boutique, you can give your dogs the safest, coziest corner.

Extra durable and long-lasting

At Online Dog Boutique, you find only the best products that will last you for years to come. The inside of the dog crate covers is stain resistant, which means that even if there are any spillages, your crate cover won’t be dirty. Even if you do get any stains, most of them can easily be washed. All crate covers can be washed in your washing machine, without any extra effort. These luxury dog crate covers are also resistant to any pawing, so you can rest assured that your doggy won’t be able to rip through them. 

A wide range of sizes

Just as dogs come in all sizes, so do dog crate covers! You can find small dog crate covers as well as large dog crate covers. This means that no matter what size your dog is, you can dress up their crate and give them a safe, quiet place to rest. The Online Dog Boutique caters to dogs of every shape and size. The flaps can be adjusted to let you see inside as well, and are available on all four sides of the crates.

The bottom line

The Online Dog Boutique has the best range of dog crate covers for every doggy out there. These crate covers can help you dress up your crate while giving your furry friend a safe, quiet place of their own. Get crate covers in a range of designs, textures and fabrics and let your dog enjoy the luxuries that life has to offer too!

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